Come hang out with me!

Immersive, hand lettering experiences.


I’ve intentionally designed hand-lettering workshops centered around self-care, rest, and recharge. In each workshop, we’ll go through the basics of hand lettering, and create a beautiful framed piece for you to take home. Come enjoy a stress-free evening of creating, have a drink, and pour into yourself! The public scene isn’t your vibe? Let’s chat so you can host a private workshop for you and all your besties!

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Interested in an evening of self-care for your business, or JUST for you and friends? These private workshops are designed to keep that same intentional, self care vibe, but are tailored specifically to YOU. If you want to love on your besties and treat yo’self, let’s chat! Schedule below.

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Private workshops

The minimum number of attendees for a private workshop is eight.


Hand lettering workshops start at $45 per person. Hosts do not pay for their materials; your spot is FREE.


All art supplies will be included for each private event. This consists of brush lettering pens, practice workbooks, and a frame for the piece all attendees will take home.

why host a private workshop?


Private workshops are excellent for team building and getting to know one another on a deeper level
(great for company parties!).


Additional guidance will help you pinpoint your hand lettering weaknesses so you can further develop your skills and master techniques.

I want to host!

Hannah’s workshop was incredible! I’m not an artist at all, but Hannah made it so easy to learn the basics of hand lettering and I came home with a gorgeous piece of art I was proud of. The evening was so relaxing, and Hannah’s hospitality and generosity filled the hearts of everyone that attended. I left feeling so uplifted!

I left feeling so uplifted! 

— Kadie H.