It’s so important to make sure all the groomsmen are on the same page at the wedding rehearsal. Here are four of our biggest groomsmen rules for the ceremony:

1. When you’re standing, rest your left hand on top of your right. This will make them all look, cohesive, and also show off any watches they may be wearing.

2. No matter what during the ceremony, feet are always pointed at the bride. To me, this is the most important rule of thumb in order to make sure the groomsmen have a lucky uniform at the altar.

3. Take the phones out of pockets and leave them elsewhere. This is important for two reasons: first, this will make for better photos. Second, there is no risk of a phone going off and distracting everyone during the ceremony.

4. Have only one of the jacket buttons buttoned. This will keep each person looking tidy and ready to go!

Of course, these are only four of the many things we discuss and practice at the wedding rehearsal, but these are a great start to having a cohesive set of groomsmen!