Let’s address the elephant in the room: it can feel incredibly awkward to tell someone they don’t have a plus one to your wedding. Trying to configure a response to this question can be uncomfortable and tricky, so I’ll do it for you! Please… steal one of the responses below and tweak it to fit your tone:

1. “Unfortunately our venue is limited to [number] of guests, so we are unable to accommodate plus ones on our special day. Thank you for being respectful of this!”

2. “Since we are planning an intimate celebration, we are keeping our guest list to our closest friends/family. Thank you for honoring our wishes, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you!”

3. “As we have a specific headcount confirmed with catering, we will not be including plus ones. Thank you for asking, and we are thrilled you will be joining us!”

BONUS TIP: Make your RSVP card clear from the beginning with wording such as, “We have reserved [number] seats in your honor.” This will help prevent those questions regarding plus ones!