Here are only a few of the COUNTLESS tasks your Wedding Planner will complete the week of your wedding:

1. Print extras of EVERYTHING - from readings, to officiant’s notes, to timelines, I always have extras in my binder for wedding day. You’d be surprised how often things are misplaced or lost. Having spares on hand is definitely worth it - even if we never have to use them!

2. Meticulously restock the emergency kit - Our emergency kits are each stocked with over 75 items, and we have 2 emergency kits on-site for each wedding. That means we have to account for over 150 items ahead of time, and make sure each kit is fully stocked and ready to go. Believe it or not, this takes 1-2 hours each wedding week.

3. Finalize the “planner’s timeline” - Now don’t hear what I’m not saying on this one… the timelines have been finalized for a while at this point, but we have a Wedding Planner timeline that no one else sees. It includes all of our team’s color-coded tasks for the day and the times by which they need to be completed. This ensures that the management of the wedding is most efficient.

4. Make final vendor calls - The two weeks leading up to the wedding, we are calling every vendor to answer any final questions and guarantee everyone is on the same page. We discuss guest count, food preferences, arrival times, menus, shot lists, you name it!

These four items are only a small glimpse into the behind the scenes of wedding week for a Wedding Planner. We cannot stress enough how essential it is to include one in your budget!