This should be the first thing you do when creating your wedding budget:

You and your future spouse each write down your top three wedding priorities, and have a discussion about them. This will play a key role in helping you allocate your finances as you plan your special day.

Now, when I say “wedding priorities,” I’m NOT talking about the following:

- "I just want everyone to enjoy their time!"
- "I want the day to look beautiful!"
- "I want to spend the day making core memories with my loved ones!"

Yes these are important aspects of the day, but they do not relate directly to your budget. Try answers similar to this:

- "I envision elaborate floral decor for the ceremony and reception."
- "I desire a venue that accommodates [insert number here] guests and has a view of the city."
- "I value a photographer with an elegant, airy portfolio."
- "I'd love a caterer that offers many options for late night snacks to elevate guest experience."
- "I want a tented reception with chandeliers and lounging areas."

Setting priorities like this as you begin setting your budget will allow you to plan on spending more in the areas you care most about, and less in the areas you do not value as highly. It will help you visualize which logistical aspects of your wedding are most important to you, and help you plan accordingly.

This will get your wedding planning process started on the right note, and you will both be on the same page because of it.

The two of you can even make it a date night! Go out and chat about your special day over a glass of wine.